I Love The Only True and living ALUAH ALMIGHTY-ONE-Our Father/AB/ The One Who Brought The Dirt Alive -YAHUAH with my whole Heart-Mind and Soul.You(YAHUAH) Stepped Out of Eternity In to our Time to Redeem Lost man.YOU clothed yourself in flesh, In humanity and became our Final SIN Sacrifice-In Your Son YAHUSHA-How Mindful of YOU to become a little lower then the MALAKHYM(Messengers)-Worthy is the Lamb who knew no sin, yet became sin for me/us ALUAHalaluYAHUAH!!! Please write Your Name (YAHUAH) your Laws/Instruction(Torah)All your Set-Apart scriptures on my heart. Circumcise my heart,transform me To do Only Your Will Be Done YAHUAH- I love YAHUAH the only True and Living AL' of YASHARA'L-I love my family. and I love being a poet. I'm After My Dear (AB) Father YAHUAH's heart. I Heard HIS Call and Will Not/Did Not Harden my Heart, but Seek HIS Brilliant-Beautiful Face YAHuah. I'm a Fisher of men, to bring His /Children/People to Him. I'm His(YAHUAH'S) servant-His daughter and YAHUSHA's follower, disciple, SISTER bride(WHATEVER ONE AKCAD HAVE ME TO BE). I no longer live for myself but I live for YAHUAH,I shall Serve HIM With my Life. HIS Will be done not mine-HIS Kingdom Please Come!! He chose me before the foundations of the Earth/the World and I accept HalaluYAH!!! I will be Obedient and Come Out of this World and be a Peculiar People His Treasure- -Set Apart- I say yes YAHUAH! Where you go YAHUAH I will follow -Your people are my people forever. AhaBa=love until forever your daughter your servant Ann Yahu. YAHUAH I only seek your face and only want your truth, not my truth or the world's truth, nor my friend's/family's truth Your's Only-I will do Your Will be Done and not my own, I will lift up and Sanctify Your Name Set-Apart It Is. Lift up your Name Sanctify your Name YAHUAH--How Excellent is Your name the Name Above all Names Baruch B'shM YAHUAH HalaluYAH!!!!Please everyone ShauaB(Repent)The Lion of YAHudah-YAHUSHA is Coming Soon! Are you one of His chosen Elect/CALL OUT ONE'S written in the Lamb's Book Of Life? & Inscribed in the palms of His hand? He's coming for a lowly and humble people-The Remnant of YASHARA'L. People may be talking the good talk ,may be praising Him(YAHUAH) with their lips, praising HIM In the Church/Other Places, but living Independent Of YAHUAH, or on their own so called Genius, but YAHUSHA will say on that day I never knew you.YAHUAH wants no one to Perish, but have Eternal life. YAHUSHA. I'm written in the book of life, One Of HIS chosen elect- I was chosen, not because I was worthy, He chose me before the foundations of the earth-HE YAHUAH chose,I did not chose Him (sadly) -I Heard His called and accepted, unmerited-unwarranted- Favor,Mercy , I should of been sleeping in my grave but YAHUAH heard a sinner's prayer HalaluYAH!!!!!!!!!! Torah/ Tanakh RENewED Covenant/ All Set-Apart (KaDosh) Inspired Scriptures Observer Follower/disciple/servant/daughter all He YAHUAH would have me to be. His (YAH's) Favor & Mercy was inspired by His (YAHUAH's) Everlasting/Eternal Love for Me/Ussee more