K.R. Morrison


K.R. Morrison has lived in the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years. She moved there from California, after the Loma Prieta earthquake caused her to rethink her stance on “never moving again.” At her first sight of Oregon, she never looked back. She wrote her first book, “Be Not Afraid,” after a nightmare she experienced would not leave her mind, even when awake. Before this book, she had not written much of anything, outside of the annual Christmas letter. She has also co-authored a book entitled “Jesus Paid It All” with Ruthie Madison, and edits for her publisher, Linkville Press. Book reviewing and blogging take up a lot of her time as well. When not writing or working, she quilts or works in the garden. She lives with her husband of over 27 years and a monster-sized cat, and is occasionally visited by her kids.see more