Kabitirtha-A Journal Of Creative Literature


KABITIRTHA a Bengali quarterly journal of creative literature commenced its venture on and from 1981 with the idea of promoting serious and intellectual exploitations and pursuits in the Bengali language. Since then it has regularly published essays and investigation in a wide range of disciplines, philosophy and literary aesthetics and ethics-its stress having always been on clarity and originality on competent presentation of new knowledge and ideas in a language accessible to the educated and interested common readers. It has also published poems, interview and supplementaries specially of an experimental type-but its chief interest is in the literature of knowledge. Published from Calcutta, KABITIRTHA has attracted contributions from writers living in London, Paris, U.S.A., Dacca, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Assam, Poona, Bombay, Delhi and Hyderabad. It’s readership is also spread over many university towns in India, Bangladesh, France, Sweden and U.S.A. It has a selected and qualified readership.see more