Ariana Katz is the author of Vildah Chayah. Ariana lives in Boston, Massachusetts, and rides her bike most days to work at Temple Ohabei Shalom in Brookline. She coordinates the congregation’s technology and PR, and teaches fabulous 4th and 8th graders about ethics and Torah in the religious school. She grew up outside Philadelphia, and studied at private Jewish day school through high school. Ariana read Archie Comics in services, then was later bat mitzvah’d, at a Conservative congregation. Her Hebrew is enough to get her through a conversation and to eavesdrop, but isn’t good enough that she won’t be embarrassed if she speaks with someone who’s fluent. She studied sociology and women, gender, and sexuality studies at Boston University from where she just graduated, and is about to apply to rabbinical school. Ariana is a radical feminist, anarchist, queer, lifelong vegetarian who should just go vegan already. She loves knitting, baking, and anti-oppression cartoons that explain lofty theory with easily understandable illustration. She also collects radical childrens books. She wishes she spoke Yiddish, loves klezmer music, and really really good midrash. Ariana blushes when someone can work bell hooks theory into a d’var torah. Ariana also blogs about education at PunkTorah, “Judaism for people who are searching for something different.”see more