Ken Silver


I used to wander the back country of the American southwest- gorgeous, mystical, challenging, dry, hot!-, then decided to take off (after checking out Mexico and Central America ) for the wonderful lands and oceans of southeast Asia. Wise move! There is no equal on Earth for the welcome and bang for the buck you get there. "Retire to Asia" is my guide to using all the great Southeast Asian countries for long term travel and retirement. "Live and Retire in Cambodia the Easy Way" is rapidly becoming the manual of choice -very happy to say -for those wanting to take advantage of the "new Thailand". "Asia Eleven" is a very precise and entertaining look at the best towns for life in Southeast Asia. Also becoming quite popular. "Southeast Asia -the Easy Way" is a book of entertaining and informative essays on travel "in the last, best, most welcoming places of all". "String Theory -the Novel" - is Alice in Wonderland in Southeast time travel and lots of smokey fun! I'm proud of my pricing! No Lonely Planet pricing for me! You can hardly pay a dog to bite you for that little money these days!see more

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