Kepler Space Institute/ University

At Kepler Space Institute KSI School of Communications The School of Communications aspires to create, through education and inspiration of its degree candidates, a new wave for the future of global news media. The envisioned system will be composed of the most thoughtful, knowledgeable and dedicated independent journalists -- trained and highly skilled in the latest technical tools of the trade, and with the highest standards of ethics and responsibility -- to ensure the free flow of honest and accurate news and information from around the world throughout the 21st Century and beyond, "Certificate Courses Only" KSI School of Policy Sciences The “Overview Effect” was coined by author Frank White as the view of astronauts from space of an isolated Earth—an Earth where problems are increasing at a geometric rate, but the number of persons qualified to solve problems is only growing at an arithmetic rate. While our capacity to change the environment is accelerating, our capacity to achieve policies to control the environment remains the same. We must accelerate through policy sciences our ability to move from ideas to action, "Certificate Courses Only". KSI School of Education Development KSI’s Masters and PhD Education degrees focus on technology, curriculum and instructional design in the classroom while using skills of the 21st century to enhance teacher’s capabilities to challenge their students in a non traditional classroom way, by using available resources and meeting the new education federal requirements for using technology in the classroom, "Certificate Courses Only". KSI School of Psychology The School of Psychology aspires to create, through its blend of innovative curriculum, scientists who understand Social, Clinical, and Space Psychology. Graduates of our Program are expected to be able to fit in and be comfortable within a variety of professional settings, "Certificate Courses Only". KSI School of Science and Technology Scientific research and technological innovation studies (STS) are today becoming important transdisciplinary approaches to solving societal, political, and cultural problems providing the rational basis for sound global policy science advances. An example involves the exponential growth of information with only a finite ability to reduce information to manageable sizes. Artificial Intelligence technologists collaborate with biological physicists to develop “Swarm Theory” tools for filtering down data to useful levels for decision making, "Certificate Courses Only". KSI School of Strategic Business Management A ship without a rudder or space ship without directional rockets will flounder and fail. Strategic Management creates the driving purpose for any organization. That purpose includes Vision; Shared Values; Identity within Society; Needs; Services&Products; Long-term Strategic Goals; Short Term Tactics and Projects; How to Research for an Innovative Unique Advantage (i.e. Niche); Identifies Constituents, Market and Territory; Creates Organization, Human Resources and Technology to Insure Positive Progress over time; Prescribes Quality Performance Theory, Concepts and Tools; Creates a Code of Ethics to prevent wrongful and Destructive Outcomes; and Takes a Systems Approach to answer the Questions of "Who are we?" and "What benefits for society and Humanity will we create?", "Certificate Courses Only" KSI Space Faith Academy There is within the human frame a powerful presence that we cannot measure, precisely define or empirically examine, but we recognize its existence and influence on our lives from the beginning of time. Numerous terms have been created in an attempt to identify this essence. The ancient religious traditions speak of soul, spirit, space and breath. Some suggest that by whatever term one may select to identify the presence that is an essence of our humanity, we confront a mystery. In KSI's Space Faith Academy professors and students will have opportunity to reflect upon this power, explore how this understanding inspires, guides and challenges us as we set our minds on places beyond Earth, "Certificate Courses Only". High School Kepler High School gives students the unique opportunity to have a 21s century education through online learning while still in high school. With all of the new high school graduation requirements there is no time for electives, so come take our classes at Kepler leaving time to take electives at school. Students have the chance to take 1 credit getting a head of their peers, making up a credit that was failed possibly allowing students the opportunity to graduate with their peers or the exciting enhanced chance to get ahead of their peers in an online learning environment to earn their high school diploma, not GED (available if preferred) from home. Start your journey today that will become your road map for tomorrow.see more