It's hard to believe that songwriting was not production's original chosen field. In fact, there is more to this songwriter than meets the ear; he is also a singer and producer. Growing up in The San Fernando Valley, California, did your hometown influence your craft? I grew up in a humble place, in the 'hood. The City was infested with drugs and gangs, but the challenge was necessry, because I learned at an early age that the consequences for making bad choices are jail and death. I was really introduced to music by my high school homeboy and now music partner Jose "Montana" Mendoza. Who were your favorite artists growing up? "I was blown away by Silvio Rodriguez, Alanis Morissette, Nirvana, and Tupac Shakur - I loved his vision of society and how he was able to project that in his music." What is your greatest accomplishment? "I would have to say my first one was to see my name on the credits for the copilation - LOS TIRADORES VOL.1, and to hear my voice on the radio for the first time. Also starting my own music publishing company, Carlos I Talavera Publishing Company and starting Kings Of Flow." Rumba Callejera has been ON FIRE IN THE MIX at 97.3 KISS FM Savannah and Hilton Head - Top 40 radio, 96.5 KISS FM/All The Hits - Cleveland, 95.9 KISS FM Youngstown, 104.7 KISS FM Johnjay & Rich And All The Hits, MTVU, MTV2 On The Rise and more!See MoreSee less

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