Kolfinna Baldvinsdóttir


Born in Iceland, Kolfinna has lived and worked in various countries, including the Brussels-bubble from 2001-2004 while working for the EU Commission (DG Enterprise) as an Information Officer. She returned to Brussels beginning 2012, as a Deputy Director of Public Affairs for EurActiv.com. In the meantime she lived in Kosovo, and worked on different projects in Italy, Brussels and the Baltic States, while finalising her documentary Those Who Dare: on the independence struggle in the Baltic states 1989-1991 (to be premiered mid-2012). Kolfinna’s background is in the media, both printed press (columnist) and TV (presenter/editor) as well as in communications. With an MA in history and LLM in international law and international relations, Kolfinna has a special interest in Europe’s integration, hoping that her country will soon join the family of democratic nations for the task of securing less-unequal lives for Europeans. see more