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Township Manager Recommended Items for Board Action in 2011

Township Manager Recommended Items for Board Action in 2011

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Published by lchips

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Published by: lchips on Nov 22, 2010
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Implement a Capital Equipment Funding Policy in which long term debt obligations are not usedto fund these purchases and a dedicated revenue stream is established which aligns with theexpected life of that particular item.
Implement a formal Township Purchasing Manual establishing purchasing policies and proceduresfor the Township staff to follow and be held accountable to those policies.
Implement an Employee Policy Manual/Handbook for all staff of the Township.
Implement a Balanced Budget Policy and multiple year forecasts of operations (5 years).
Implement a Debt Policy for the Township which sets limits, guidelines and purpose.
Evaluate the RTSD Grounds Maintenance Agreement to include the analysis of the benefits of services as well as to provide an independent audit component within a new agreement whichclearly defines the financial formula for calculating/auditing the agreement as well as determiningif this is an agreement the Township should be involved in.
Evaluate and implement a new Administrative Management Structure for the Township includinga revised Organization Chart and detailed job responsibilities.
Initiate a Charter Review Commission to review the Township’s current Charter, not reviewed orupdated since 1976, composed of residents not holding any municipal office or appointment. Theresults of their work would be submitted to the electors, any such proposed agreements, revisionsor amendments to the Charter at the next general election in November of 2011.
Investigate a storm water utility to address the serious flooding issues in the Township as well asestablishing a Storm Water Management Plan for the entire Township. This should be considereda priority due to the current conditions which exist for our residents and to commence immediatelywith short term, mid-term and long term plans to help resolve some of these longstanding issues.
Review and revise all lease agreements between Radnor Township and all groups andorganizations, as it pertains to the use, rental and leasing of Township owned property.
Implement a one year moratorium for the purchase and acquisition of all real property within theTownship until a policy can be put into place by the Board of Commissioners, evaluating thepurpose and need of such acquisition and the financial impact to the Township’s budget andresidents for the long term.
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Implement a hiring freeze for the first quarter of 2011 which will allow time to determine theappropriate staffing levels of all departments in the Township and evaluating and updating all jobdescriptions.
Establish a policy of how Township tax dollars are distributed to various groups and organizationswhich would include requiring a balanced budget before any funds could be disbursed. Thispolicy shall also provide for equal representation on any governing board of said group ororganization in which the contribution made by Radnor Township and is established on a formulabasis. (If 70% of the operating budget is provided by the Township, the Township shall have 70%representation on the board of the group or organization in which the Township dollars arereceived).
Establish a policy for the waiving of fees for various groups and organizations inside and outsideof the Township which would require a balanced budget before any fees could be waived.
Evaluate the need of maintaining the current Township Building in its current capacity, as well asall Township owned buildings so as to provide for the most efficient and cost effective use of these buildings and associated property.
Implement a formal Records Retention Policy which would also include the organization andcataloging of all Radnor Township records and materials.
Implement a fixed assets inventory and tagging system.
Identify potential parcels of Township owned land, as recommended by the CBFAC, which maybe offered for sale. This would include a complete inventory of all Radnor Township property andthe legal implications of such sale of property.
Implement a formal policy which would allow the Township to pursue advertising andsponsorship revenues that would enhance the Township not only financially but also in theestablishment of new programs, facilities and improved services to our residents and businesseswhile not using tax dollars for said items.
Review the distribution of cable franchise fees relative to Radnor Township, Radnor TownshipSchool District and providing continued support for the public access channel, Radnor Studio 21.
Review, amend and eliminate sections of the Radnor Township’s administrative code as it pertainsto the authority of the Township Manager relative to salaries, compensation, bonuses, vacationtime, compensatory time, roll over of time, benefits, classifications of employees, merit pay, sick leave, leave of absence, appointments, promotions and other related items. These sections shouldbe modified or eliminated so as to move the authority back under the purview and approvalauthority of the Board of Commissioners.
Establish a policy that details the levels of maintenance for various open space, parks andrecreational areas throughout the Township which details the costs/benefits of such a policy andthe desired level of activity and appearance of the open space area.
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