Lori Isakson Barrett is currently representing Fabric Architecture, LLC in business development in the Hawaiian Islands, West Coast and Southwest USA. Lori has worked for advertising agencies and in all forms of media, selecting media and utilizing public relations techniques for maximum ROI. She has acted as Creative Director for several projects; directing creative from television commercials to collateral pieces and copy writing. From 2003 - 2011 she owned and operated her own PR and advertising consulting service, maintaining a contract with the New Mexico Tourism Department in assisting towns, cities, and businesses in promoting tourism. She also created campaigns for various government entities to further advance their economic development. Her sales skills have been demonstrated with any challenge she has taken on. Her technical thought processes have allowed her to both learn and teach data gathering programs, extrapolating data for presentation, and being honored with awards for her approach. In addition, she was the first woman who earned an engineering certificate for Santa Cruz County Fire Department, and also earned an Emergency Medical Technician certification, satisfying her clinical requirements at the University of Arizona Medical Center. These certificates were earned while performing duties as a Technical Rescue Climber, often acting as Incident Command of emergency situations involving strategy. Lori has always had a flair for the arts, both musically and aesthetically with an ability to help people visualize and envision the creative possibilities. Both her creative and business abilities earned her Albuquerque gallery a listing of number 20 of 25 Best New Mexico Galleries within the first year of opening. In her spare time, Lori enjoys outdoor activities, water and ocean sports, music, reading, art and painting.see more