Madeline Meixner


I started my business career in the customer service department of a large mortgage company in Kentucky when interest rates were only 3%. I was soon moved up to Loan Processing and later into closing VA, FHA, and conventional loans. My career then moved into the legal world, where I worked for real estate attorneys in Kentucky and later, in Florida. My career path made a few detours when our three children were young (I owned a day care center, a secretarial service, and a large florist/greenhouse) but eventually I sat for my Florida Real Estate License. I worked in commercial real estate, leasing and managing commercial properties – mostly professional office space and some retail and restaurant space. This is where I learned about staging. My area of commercial leasing was primarily high-end professional office space in high-rise buildings as well as upscale garden-type office complexes. Our properties had to be inviting and elegant and we spared no expense in the presentation of our facilities. I supervised the build out and decor of thousands of square feet of space. I later brought this staging expertise into single-family homes. When my husband and I moved from Florida to Oklahoma, I realized that I was going to have to leave commercial leasing. I obtained my Oklahoma Real Estate license and entered the world of residential sales. Having worked for mortgage brokers and real estate attorneys organizing home closings for many years, this was not a difficult transition. My commercial leasing experience served me well in residential sales. I found that I actually had an edge over old-time Realtors who had no idea what it even meant to "stage" a house for sale. I became very popular very quickly, and my sales reflected my unique and effective insights into selling a house. My book, "Selling Your House", was originally written at the request of friends and fellow-Realtors. I handed out photocopies of the book to anyone who asked for it and it was very well received. After retiring, I was often asked to consult with other Realtors and home sellers. In fact, I still have people asking for my advice on how to get their house ready to sell quickly. My husband and my sisters encouraged me to self-publish, so here I am, offering my book to help anyone who wants to read it. It's a short, easy read and it covers everything you need to know to prepare and market your house. I hope it helps you!see more