Maggie Clark


I live in Waterloo, ON, Canada. By day (and often by night) I'm a doctoral student at Wilfrid Laurier University, where my primary research interest is nineteenth-century scientific non-fiction. I've got science fiction at Analog, Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, Daily SF, and Vagabondage Press, with another works forthcoming at Analog. I've had poetry published in Rattle, The Pedestal, ditch, and Ryga, though I haven't written any poetry of note in the last two years. My relationship with Smashwords is still tenuous; I see that many folks here churn out content at an impressive rate, but I'm not interested in using this site as a means of making money. Rather, I see this as a place for experimentation. I write in a wide range of forms and genres, so my intent is for this account to host an assortment of very different works. Some of them may be hits, and some misses. That's okay by me. Short stories published here will always be free, and comments are always welcome. Oh! But if you like what you read here, consider buying an e-book subscription to Clarkesworld Magazine (, Lightspeed Magazine (, Daily Science Fiction (, and/or Analog Magazine (! Support the publications supporting authors like me! Thanks for dropping by!see more