My background includes 25 years of cycling. I presently hold a license on the road as a USCF category 2 bike racer. My education includes a B.S. in Biology with emphasis in the life sciences and a minor in chemistry. In the spring of 2006, I took a class called biomolecules and metabolism to further my understanding of nutrition at the molecular level within the human body. In the fall of 2006 I took and passed the Level 3 coaching test with USA Cycling. In February of 2007 I took and passed the Level 2 coaching exam. I am also a National Federation of Professional Trainers certified personal trainer since 12/2008. I’ve also taught spin classes at the YMCA and Prairie Life Fitness Center in the winter. I became interested in endurance sports at the age of 15 when I saw my first Tour de France on television. Triathlons and marathons became interesting to me at this time because of the way that people pushed their limits to succeed. Recently, I’ve become interested in adventure racing and ultra-endurance competitions striving to one day compete in these events myself. I’ve been a student of the sport of endurance racing by learning through reading and relating my strong background in science to the sport. I recently took a position with the University of Nebraska – Lincoln as a research technologist. My long term goals are to continue my education in the sport of endurance through continuing education courses and keeping abreast of the latest training information from trade journals and articles. I became certified using power training in May of 2009.see more