Writer, ex-particle physicist, professor, executive coach, project lead, web head, father, fictionaut, former fencer and paratrooper, current maitre d' of kaffe in katmandu, curator of the 1000 shipwrecked penguins project and participant of 100 Days 2011, who lives in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. Here are some things people have said about my work (the stories are included in my preview of "Cahiers du Cinema", my collected flash fiction (excerpts published on scribd): «Speh, of course, dri­ves flash fic­tion like it’s a vin­tage Alfa Romeo, know­ing always how to han­dle the gearshift because he’s so comfy in the bucket seat. He never crashes.» — Kat­rina Gray on “Before the Blood­bath” (in: Atti­cus Review vol 1 (3), 31/05/2011) «Your prose is like thread unrolling from a spool, long sen­tences that rise and fall into each other.…there is never that jar­ring sound of effort­ful writ­ing. But man, so many sur­prises and delights here. And so much sad truth.» — Kathy Fish, author of 'Wild Life', on “Tick­led Pink” (Metazen 06/2009). «The story is as wild and cycli­cal and organic as the title would sug­gest. Bound­aries between ani­mal and human, self and other, body and dream, writer and world shift and merge and occa­sion­ally dis­solve alto­gether.» —Amber Sparks in her review of “Rites of Spring” (kill author 06/2010) See MoreSee less