Author of 14 books, Dr. Collins studied philosophy, classical languages, and world literature intensely in High School, and wrote, at the age of 19, his first philosophy book, "Maximum Irony", challenging the foundations of Western Philosophical Thought, i.e., the thoughts of Plato, to whose work Western Philosophy is just a "series of footnotes." After obtaining a BS in Chemistry and MA in Physical Chemistry from the University of Denver, he received a PhD in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology from the Ohio State University. After a long career in medical research, developing rapid, ultra-sensitive, quantitative DNA probe assays for the deadly diseases, such as Hepatitis and AIDS, he has been researching and inventing practical, science-based solutions to a wide range of important social problems. Self-taught in the science of nutrition, Dr. Collins was able to side-step the most inveterate errors of interpretation that currently plague that field. Consequently, he was able to develop a broader-based nutritional viewpoint that explains both recent data and apparently contradictory observations. From that interpretation emerges a simple and workable program for better health without obsession, boredom, or pain. Most recently, he has immersed himself in the formal study of Law and is a registered US Patent Agent in San Diego.see more