Matthew נחמני Chojnacki

Messianic/Nazarene follower of Charismatic/Kingdom living and esoteric understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures. I also am working on an encyclopedic level knowledge of signs, symbols, religious beliefs, esoteric wisdom, etc. Author, working on a book called "Fractal Eschatology" that elaborates on the repeating cycles and continually manifesting archetypes and symbols of Biblical prophecy. The events described in the Book of Revelation (the Apocalypse of John) have happened multiple times on multiple scales. They happened in 70 AD, they happened over 2000 years of history, they happened on a spiritual level (as representative of the judgment of the kingdom of darkness in the internal (and/or external) world), they happened in the 20th century, they're coming again in the near future and may happen once again in the far future. This book elaborates on that and it provides other rare resources and helpful materials that are handy for understanding different issues from the Biblical perspective (Nephilim, star charts, debunking poisonous theology, Torah, Feasts, etc.)see more