Miroslav Halás


Miroslav Halás was born in Michalovce, in the family of Protestant minister. He spent his childhood in a small village in eastern Slovakia. When twenty years old he moves to Košice where he gets employed as a novice of dramaturgy in the theater. In 1979, his first collection of novels (Slnko práve klesalo) gets published. It captures the life of simple peasants and rural workers, but especially the love of two young people disrupted by a tragic death. His other two books (Hazardné hry, Znovuzrodenie) get published later. He is the author of eight broadcasted radio plays. He also worked as publishing editor, editor of the Czechoslovak Radio in Košice and Slovak television editor in Košice. He becomes a born again Christian. Live encounter with Jesus Christ opens up completely new horizons in his life. He becomes a missionary preacher. What is the mission about? Starting in own family circle, with his son. Testimony of this was given in his book “Land in the Distance”.see more