I'm the Poster Boy for Golden Oldies and a global celebrity DOG ! BOL ! (bark out loud) I was already a famous multi-media celebrity before joining Twitter, where thousands follow me: @PepiSmartDog My website website has my several blogs in the one place. Genius ! I'm an Investigative Journalist, covering hard news, plus also write on many other lighter topics. I'm also known as Sparklicious, Fashion Consultant. I crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in September, 2009, aged 18 years old. I'm now a Rainbow Bridge Ambassador and regularly meet pals at the Bridge and drive them to their Welcome Banquet, in my famous Prram/Stroller. I had my iPram 8 months before Apple mentioned their iPad. I wore my Bacon Suit a year before LadyGaGa wore her meat dress. Yes, I'm a trend setter ! On a more serious note, I am possibly the only Animal Investigative Journalist reporting the plight of animals left behind in Fukushima, Japan from an animal's viewpoint. I am actively involved in global front line animal rescues and charity work.see more