According to UU RI No. 32, 2004; UU RI No. 43, 1999; UU RI No. 7 1979; Keputusan Bersama KeputusanARNAS and Keputusan BAKN No. 02 2000 and No. 22 2000, Surat Edaran Mandagri No. 81173/9979/SJ 1988, SE Kep. BAKN No. 09/SE/1979 17 September 1979, and record-record and successfully in Dep. Keuangan RI No.:PEM-4384/O/WPJ.10/KP.08.03/2007, Disnaker No : 3319-311210-011416 on 2010, SKCK No : 01/01/XII/2010/RES KDS, Kewajaran of Pratama Nomor: S-00023670/PPTops/wpj.10/kp.0803/2009, Komando Daerah Militer Regional 4 of Diponegoro No.: 0135/EC.67.80P/IX/1988, health care of Perum Husada "Wiyata Bhakti" Praja No. RM : 455.489 03 March 2003 and certificate commercial of The Wordwide of USA in Commonthwealthbank and WTO, such as : LUKS : ATG/000103 Ref.LUKS 000166-3FDP13 PORT PAYE Aut: N' 06/23 FRANCE La Porte, SWIS: BT61000203 Ref#: Swis-000180-3L1113 WMG Pte Ltd., SS=58 4P036554 Reff: 0011000002127711 PP SWEDEN. Inside of minimum and highligt criteria in UJI KEPATUHAN no. ref of 1684/1997 of Ali Murtadlo MBA in historical Familily feud of RM at now at the soonest to be Pimpinan of HB/Commonworld of COMMONWORLD OFFICE (CO) on COMMONWOLRD CORPORATION (CC) in the Bank of Wholesaler/Store/Retailer/Plf and to be approached as a similar of Branch Manager KPM or Similar of Manager Regional position in BUMN after successfull of Reg. No. 00154479 SIUP : 0013/10-25/PB/I/1990/P and 3446-P/09/Cab/Binusardag/IX90 on debt to debt Autorization of Master/Visa Card and Clearing/Lc of Courbanking of "alim" of Bankbook BANK CENTRAL ASIA (BCA) Matraman JAKARTA TIMUR in "SECTOR REAL" of HADINATA BROTHERS, PT, Co of Ali Murtadlo, MBA success in more than Rp 6 Milyard Rupiah per month of HJT/HET per month and No. 8-843/WPJ.10/KP.1307/2008 Konseling of Clarifikasi Pajak Rp 2,9 Milyard from Sunset Polecy Processing and No. 8-844/WPJ.10/KP.1307/2008 Konseling of Clarifikasi Pajak Rp 3.6 Milyard from Sunset Polecy Processing DEP KU RI Kanwil DPJ JATENG, and EMK : 121070493 ISBN : 978-979-27-0300-9 in Akutansi Management and EMK : 121070632 ISBN: 978-979-27-0433-4 in Management Keuangan Modern of business solution TECHNOLOGY INFORMATIKA (TI) untill PT BANK MANDIRI (Persero) Tbk. The successfull above is right as like as the same original cerfiticate owner by of the name of belows : Full Name : ALI MURTADLO, MBA Place and the born : Kudus, 15 December 1969 Identity Card Number of Nomor Induk Mahasiswa of UNDIP-Pol : R-600882249 Nomor Induk Karyawan / NIP : 2B1004977; KTP No: 3319071512690002; NPWP No.: 08.846.184.3506.000 ; Present Address: Peganjaran 178 Rt 5/III Bae Kudus 59327 The CO : and and The MMM : and and Email : And record to CPNSN Catatan Sipil No. :168/4/1997 with NIK : 2B10049777 in convert to be 18 digit : 196912152006041111 and NPWP No. : 08.846.184.3506.000 after BNI/SBY/2010/34 untill BNI/SBY/2010/963 ODP PT BNI'46 reqruitment processing to UNAIR and UNBRAW and BNI/IPB-II/2010/5 untill BNI/IPB-II/2010/170 ODB BNI to IPB in Job fair 2010 and successful of PPM-RECRUITMENT processing of Ali Murtadlo MBA and after for along 20 years of Ali Murtadlo MBA in PNPM-Mp and PNPM-MPerkotaan of "Wiyata Bhakti Melayani Negeri Kebangganan Bangsa, in of Kahuripan BUMN Regional 6 of Pimpinan KPM (Kantor Perwakilan Mandiri) - PT BANK MANDIRI (Persero) Tbk. in place of Regional 4. In more detailed explanation in the field know about Ali Murtadlo, MBA of belows following link : Ali Murtadlo, MBA link of Banking Corporate and Industry Hilir/Hulu of BUMN Kahuripan, such as : Business Process Analyst / Technical Writer professional / Corebanking / Technology Information and Maintenance / Central of Accounting, A/R, Price & Polecy Director / System&Procedure / Delivery Channel / Humen Resourching in Training Progam/ Account And Administration of their job handling in similar of PIMPINAN with along 20 years "Wiyata Bhakti, Melayani Negeri Kebanggaan Bangsa", of related experience within multiple in Banking and Hilir/Hulu Industry of Kahuripan BUMN. The Administration & Accounting with Tax, industries, possessing both an Associate's and Bachelor's Degree of Hull University in corporate University of Politeknik of Diponegoro University Semarang on 1991-1993/1994. A highly-creative, organized and detail oriented Team Player with a "can-do" attitude. Prossesses a natural talent for Analayst and business process reengieering cooperate with industry Hilir/Hulu and Banking Processing in Link. Possesses a natural talent for writing, business process re- engineering, quality customer service and a dedication for excellence with a proven ability to learn quickly. Success criteria highlights: • Information-Mapping certified : SOSIALISASI UU PS 21 2008, UPDATE PPH, SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION • Instructional Design : BOD CahFlow Project, ESTIMASI COST & DELIVERY, DISPOSITION DRAFT OF BOD • Deadline- driven with customer focus : Reply Enquiry, Quote of Exhibition • Business Analysis / Requirements : KOOFESIEN DETERMINE OF MARKET SURVEY • Project of Laporan Perpajakan : SPT 1771, 1721, BAPEKSTA/EXPOR/IMPOR, 1770S, PS21/26 MASA, PBB • Rational Unified Process : AMORTISATION, FABRICAL HISTORICAL, SUNSET POLECY, KONSELING • Documentation Management : PEB, AWB, & LRE/I, L/C, PPN, • Business Process Reengineering : Bank Endors, Bank Rekonsiliation • Use Cases, User Guides : Event-Event Exhitibion,see more