Born & Bred a White-Trash Euro-mutt şɭμʇ American, MATTHEW BLANCHARD (@QHereKidSF) escaped triply locked closets of "Bible-Belt Conservatism" to fall into the welcoming arms of GAY MECCA : a chaotically corrupt crystal-lined culture of wanton, woebegone ϖɧơƦɚʑ & hustlers. Against what Ғᾷɠɠō₮ʀу he's fled since arriving to this Fog City – "Such Pugnacious 'Party 'n' Play!!'" – contrast his wiser days, as thespian erudite. Yet, with the devastation & despair of defacement has come a resilient recovery & rebirth of his once "last-ditch, last-chance life!" –––– Today, above all else, QHereKidSF is grateful for God’s boundless love of and faith in his own purely imperfect, human desire for “elaborate beautification and solemn self-betterment.” –––– "As 'QHereKidSF @ Tri-Life,' I TRY – UMPH!? – to triumph," MATTHEW BLANCHARD proffers of himself; adding, "even if victory means merely to fall flimsy forward upon high-wire shaky strings." Gladly, he'd step surefooted onto a straight wrought-iron rope to delight in ecstatic acrobatics. There! Where skyward heaven-sent, his mind-flux, mayhem & moribund monstrosity matter no more. –––– Impassioned by world performance & storytelling traditions, Matthew BLANCHARD received his domestic education and training in theater arts, while an undergraduate of The College of William & Mary (W&M ’02). As a student in the arts of stage, screen, and of spectacle, this talented young performer played in over twenty paraprofessional productions, including lead roles in APOLLINAIRE's Les Mamelles de Tirésias (Théâtre Roland Barthes, 2000), in MOLIÈRE’s The Misanthrope [W&M/ΦΒΚ Memorial Hall (Main Stage), 2001], and in Naomi IIZUKA’s Polaroid Stories [W&M/ΦΒΚ Memorial Hall (Studio Theater), 2002]. Matthew’s early collegiate tenure culminated in his extensively studied directorial production (with honors) of Eugène IONESCO's Masterworks in Theater of the Absurd: The Lesson (2001) & The Chairs (2002). –––– BLANCHARD also boasts an international formation in « arts de spectacle » from l’Université de Paris Ouest - Nanterre La Défense, in « Mime Étienne DECROUX » from l’École du Mime Corporel Dramatique de Paris, and in « Opéra de Pékin et Shakespeare » from l’Association de Recherche des Traditions de l’Acteur | A.R.T.A., where he studied under the intensive tutelage of WU Hsing-Guo (Contemporary Legend Theatre; Taipei, TAIWAN) and Ariane MNOUCHKINE (Théâtre du Soleil; Paris, FRANCE). –––– Once arrived to San Francisco, Matthew began barely to dabble in performance, both as Assistant Director of a Berkeley West Edge Opera production of The Women In The Garden (2002), and as member of the Intersection for the Arts Alternative Theatre Institute (2004) HYBRID PROJECT Performance Ensemble.See MoreSee less