WEB 2.0 EDUCATION First New Afrikan Education Network on the Web. Dedicated to Implementing the Teachings of Our Elders and Ancestors. Mission TO Represent the interests and concerns of all students at RBG Communiversity, TO Bring together all aspects of New Afrikan (Black) peoples life for the purpose of improving our social, political, economic, educational and moral condition in America, TO Encourage unity among our elders and youth, and the Afrikan Family, Community and Nation at large, TO Discourage and abatesocio-structural, institutional and individual acts and symbols of white supremacy / racism. TO Heighten awareness and coalitions between all people, regardless of race, sex, religion, or national origin when said groups are willing to work in our best interest and TO promote a Hip-Hop-Black Liberation spirit of academic excellence, prestige and scholarship. Description This Educational Program and Research Project is Dedicated to Further Building the Hip Hop--Black Liberation Movement Connection by Integrating Conscious Digital Edutainment with A Scholarly Self Directed Learning Environment.see more