Rick Frishman


Wendy Lipton-Dibner and Rick Frishman are multiple-time bestselling authors and internationally recognized experts in business and personal development. Wendy is president of Professional Impact, Inc. and is best known for her work as a keynote speaker, consultant and trainer on the social-psychological factors that move people to action. Rick is founder of Planned Television Arts and is known for helping some of the best-known authors develop true celebrity. Together and individually, Wendy and Rick have touched millions of people through speaking, writing, coaching, live events and extensive media. Their client lists include celebrities, top influencers, doctors, bestselling authors, entrepreneurs, experts and executives. In addition to the powerful expertise they bring to The Expert Success Solution, Wendy and Rick have invited and facilitated the collaborative contribution of 20 leading experts in self-help, spirituality, financial health, relationships, goal achievement, strategic thinking, work-life balance, family communications, retirement, reinvention, transformation, healthy eating, fitness, conflict management, career transition, relaxation, self-hypnosis and dying without regrets. Their combined 300+ years of experience make The Expert Success Solution the first 5-star success buffet serving up proven strategies and step-by-step how-to’s for rapid acceleration in business and personal development.see more