Nicolas Marion

Opus Novus Ordo Mundi Poerinthele nostru cela ce esti en cheri /Svintzasca-se numele Teu / Vie emperetzia Ta / Facoesa voe Ta en tzer asasi pre poement/ Poene noastre datorii le noastre cum si noi se loesoem datornicilor nostri. / Si nu dutze pre noi la ispitire / Tze ne mentuieste pre noi de vileanii. Amin» "War between mass armies weighed down with baroque equipment has become a third world sport. The advanced world, too vulnerable to survive a war of attrition or mass destruction, must learn to conduct its affairs by the Rapier- -by the threat or use of small specialized forces exploiting high tempo and strategic surprise" ...............R. E. Simpkin, "Race to the Swift: 1985 Document FMI, 67 spitale au fost eliminate din sistem, in 2011, am redus cu 10 % bugetul pentru spitale, clawback tax. 80 % din activele statului roman deja vandute. Modelul Argentina implementat in Romania. ONE WONDERS WHY ONE WOULD BE SO AGRESSIVE WITH ONE FELLOW RACE MAN? WHY ONE CAUCASIAN BEING SO AGRESSIVE AGAINST ANOTHER CAUCASIAN, LIVING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ATLANTIC LAKE??? MOST OF YOU CAME FROM EUROPE, BEAR THAT IN YOUR MIND. WE ARE THE OLD WORLD, WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST US??? CANIBALISM TAKEN TO A WHOLE DIFFERENT LEVEL? WE WILL NOT GO QUIETLY IN THE OBLIVION. ISRAEL WILL REMAIN IN THE MIDDLE EAST, ON THE HOLY LAND WHERE IT BELONGS !!! NEVER EVER ISRAEL IN ROMANIA. ROMANIA IT IS NOT A HOLY LAND, IS THE LAND OF DRACUL AND IT'S PEOPLE. EVIL KNOWS EVIL. BACK OF UNCLE SAM OR WE WILL CALL IN RUSSIA and in FRANCE FOR A NUCLEAR STRIKE ON ROMANIAN SOIL. ROMANIANS WILL BE THE MARTYR PEOPLE AND ROMANIA UNHABITABLE FOR GOOD. MISSILES WILL ZEROING ON YOUR BRAND NEW EMBASSY IN BUCHAREST, BANEASA. ROMANIA FOR ROMANIANS, AS GENERAL CHARLES DE GAULLE SAID: FRANCE IS FOR THE FRENCH. Quoting him: Romania is for Romanians or will belong to none for the next hundreads of years DUE TO THE INTENSE RADIATION. YOU HAVE MY WORD ON IT !!! Target aquisition coordonates:44'30'53,16" N and 26'05'11,62" E elevation 295 ft. - Uncle Sam call your butler Basescu to step downsee more