Mohammad Shahid Khan

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A seasoned broadcaster / journalist (Urdu/English) and analyst with years of experience in print and electronic media, Skilled in field and line producing, writing, copy editing, video production, and broadcast technology. A self-directed and results-oriented Business and Media professional with over thirty years broad and diverse experience in small, medium, and large (local & international) enterprises, with the knowhow of building teams and delivering results in both start-ups and established corporations. Second to a passion for lifelong learning, I am highly motivated to develop people around me to attain both their work and personal goals. I have a zeal for creating value for my organisation and its customers through a service oriented and customer centric attitude in every area of work. Brought up in a family owned and managed media business, Asian Television network (an International company mainly involved in News service for Europe, Africa and Asia). We specialize in remote, high-risk and hostile environments. Among clients are BBC, Press TV, AP, ABC, Nile TV, Abu Dhabi TV, and Dubai TV. Later 1987 became as a consultant and International business director for the same. My journalism career began at the BBC as an OC which led to a trained producer broadcaster. Later joined the first ever Asian TV channel “TV Asia”, founded in the UK in 1990 as Editor / Producer. Recently from 2010 till Dec 2013, I was Managing & publishing “South Asia Tribune weekly”, in the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates as Partner with SK Media Group U.A.E.see more