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Our mission is to provide a local information resource for those who live, work and play on the Peninsula, which encompasses all of San Mateo County and the northern part of Santa Clara County. You are reading this because you are interested in communicating with our readers. But when you evaluate the Daily Journal, you're not just contemplating an ad buy. You are thinking about joining our community via the Daily Journal. As a potential advertiser in the Daily Journal, you will play a vital role in our community cycle. The Daily Journal provides important local information to our readers. Our readers support our advertisers through their expenditures. In turn, our advertisers support the Daily Journal through their ad buys. Daily Journal readers are one of the most powerful and demographically attractive groups in the nation, with numbers that skew higher for income, home ownership, education and diversity. They spend dollars and use services from local businesses. Whatever your target market, we can assure you that our readers will be part of it. And beyond the dollars and cents, also think about how your advertising presence in the Daily Journal gives you instant positive PR. You will be seen as supporting a community institution, a truly local, locally-owned newspaper. People love this newspaper -- and they show their love by supporting those who support us. We welcome you to join the many other businesses and organizations that are already part of this wonderful community cycle.see more