I live in beautiful, rural Virginia with my husband and two cats, enjoying one of the best views on earth. I love writing, gardening, art and travel. I have self-published a novel, "One Fine Day". It's a love story set in 1969 when all hell broke loose - anti-war protests, feminism, drugs, the "summer of love", sex, campus riots and so much more. My characters are swept up by forces they can't control but try to anyway. You can find out more about it on my webpage You can also purchase the book there through Amazon, either paperback or e-book. On the art front, I have launched a "traveling" power-point art appreciation show to take around the rural area where I live. It's much fun! I love being outside either hiking, biking or working on my flower or vegetable garden. Finally, I travel whenever and wherever I can, am an enthusiastic explorer of places far and wide. On my blog site - - I try to connect with others about self-publishing, traveling, art, our beautiful but imperfect planet and the different threads of our lives.See MoreSee less