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Daily Northwestern Dining Guide

Daily Northwestern Dining Guide

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Published by thedailynu

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Published by: thedailynu on May 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What not to eat
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When life handsyou lemonade
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Dorm room dishes
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DINING GUIDE 2012 | thE DaIly NorthwEstErN
Bank of America
Open 24 hours
     N    o    y    e    s
Mon - Sat8am-8pmSun.9am-5pm
 WE DELIVER6 Days a Week
825 Noyes St.
(Corner of Noyes & Noyes Court, just east of the “L” Station)
 Join us on Facebook for great deals!
D&D Finer FoodsAnd our new addition of finespirits with low prices Wines from all over the world wine tasting every Thurs, Fri, Sat 3-8Come and see the finest craftbeer selection in Evanston
3 Floyds, Dog Fish Head, Lagunitas & More
Pizza Evanston
$2.00 OFF
(Not valid on baby pizza, slice or buffet)DELIVERY ONLY
Mention ad when placing order
25% OFF total bill forgraduating students
CALL FOR DELIVERY (847) 328-0031
By SuSan Du
daily senior staer
Tere comes a time in all students’
lives when — due to schoolwork, lack o access to a kitchen, being broke or being
a reshman — they just can’t be bothered
 ck. B kg upp  g , g bu   Kgg buc 
participating in a diferent dinner-and-worship service every night o the week,
uz   m cp  kpu b pg  g cpc.
I’   mk   mcv 
particularly tasty with Sriracha sauce.No microwave? Break it into small
pc  cum   mk,     c.
H mcvb . F x kck,    u  Sk.N   mcv? Pu  -m g  u mu  u v k  mgc.
 Jelly on crackers
Everyone knows a peanut butter and
 jelly sandwich is the most convenient
m . Bu  m  j  
 jelly are always larger than jars o peanut
butter, so what better way to accountor a jelly surplus than to smear it on
Sun-baked cookies
ake advantage o the beautiul
  pu m ck ug 
a sheet o tin oil and let it bake under a
. Ivk  c m
and employ a magniying glass to really 
cu  u’ .
Graham crackers, bite-size Hershey’s
chocolate bars, giant marshmallows.
Make them as basic or amboyantas desired, but with a microwave you
cu m  c  Kf c  
center o a tortilla and then add varioussalsas, lettuce and shredded lunchmeat.
F v  cum.
Mac-and-cheese burger
Acqu E Mc   c-
tions to cook a packet in the micro-wave. Apply the macaroni and cheese
 bug bu.
English mufn pizzas
Make a handul o tiny pizzas by slathering English mufns with pizza
sauce, shredded cheese and any numbero optional toppings. Microwave or two
Spaghetti soup
Break spaghetti into pieces small
enough to t in a bowl, add just enough
water to submerge the noodles andmicrowaves or two minutes. Tenheat up a can o Campbell’s tomato
up       up.I’ k  pg ,  u ck .
Heavenly Hash
Collect a variety o ruits and dice
them. Mix in marshmallows, gelatin and
gu mu  C Wp.
Leaving for the summer?Take The Daily with you!
Esy, o-cook sck foods fo yo dom o ptmet
By LaurEn CaruBa
the daily northwestern
Best place to take yourparents: Koi, 624 Davis St.
Serving both Chinese and Japanesecuisine, Koi has a variety o oods onits menu, rom sushi to curry. A bit onthe pricey side, Koi is a better destina-
  m m,  p pck up  b  ’  ppu  ppz  . Pu, 
weather permits, the restaurant opens
 g     ug 
let in a breeze, adding to the ambiance.
k vg  b mu b -g  m up   cck KugP p, c cm u  bu $15  vu.
Best place to eat alone: Cosi,1740 Sherman Ave.
Cosi, a sandwich-soup-salad-pizzachain known or its atbread and reshingredients, is a quick and tasty choice
 bu u     c
sit-down meal under $10. With anatmosphere similar to that o PaneraBread — lounge chairs, counters andree Wi-Fi — diners can multitask andcomplete work while they eat without
eeling uncomortable. Cosi can be a good
option or students who want to grab aquick bite without having to deault to
 g . G  m u  um b pg   “C Du” 
two option, choosing rom a hal sand-
c,      cup  up 
about $8. Te pesto chicken melt witha Greek salad on the side comes highly 
Best place to take a signifcantother: Cozy Noodles & Rice,1018 Davis St.
Looking or an interesting place or date
night? Te whimsical quality surroundingthis Asian noodle joint hails rom its dec-oration scheme. Antique toys like bobble
heads and action gures line shelves inits main room, and an adjoining roomeatures a collage o license plates rom
v . T uqu  
will provide plenty o interesting con-
 v m,    g .
An inexpensive establishment, checks canalso be easily split i you want to go Dutch.
S   cucumb    g g    m,  g  cc P T   m v,  u $10.
A guide to downtown Evanston joints for every dining occasion
In yng/te Di NeenIn yng/te Di Neen
DINING GUIDE 2012 | thE DaIly NorthwEstErN
      
           
    
                          
Join us for traditional English afternoon tea served the thirdSaturday of every month in the Grand Parlor of the Margarita
European Inn. Enjoy finger sandwiches, scones, pastries, and—ofcourse—tea, amidst the vintage charm of our Edwardian decor.Historic cocktails and wine are available as well. Afternoon tea isserved between 1:00pm to 4:00pm and is $24.00 per person (exclu
sive of tax and gratuity.) To make a reservation please call PensieroRistorante at 847 475 7779.1566 Oak Ave.Evanston, IL 60201847.475.7779www.pensieroitalian.comOpen for dinner Fridays andSaturdays starting at 5:00pm.Sunday brunch 10:00am-2:00pm.Reservations recommended.
Pensiero Ristorante has been the North Shore diningdestination for amazing Italian cuisine and warm hospitalityfor over twenty years.
Located in the historic Margarita European Inn
B Izzy BoncImIno
the daily northwestern
I’  m   g — cm  
skin-scorching spring rays and the promise o guilt-ree locally grown oods rom Evanston’s
 m’ mk.
But what to buy, and when? Without the know-
how, armer’s markets can shred your wallet as
   vg puc c. Yu ’
have to settle or grainy Jewel-Osco apples andwilted celery, nor deplete your money with the
mu xpv W F  p.
First of, divorce your preerences and buy what’s on sale at the moment. I you want to
cc  b , g     .Yu v  cc  g  b puc —   m cmpv pc — b mk g bu. A     , v-
dors ofen drastically slash their prices to sell theirwares beore they go bad. Some package up boxeswith the day’s lefovers or a lump sum, while oth-ers simply discount products on their tables. Sales
 u ,  k     .I u’ kg  mg  pcu,u v  cc bu  puc   p- pc. F p cg k, xb  k.
Buying in bulk and reezing the extra will go a
g  , bu b m bu . D u v z pc? D u v  z pc
but your roommate will kill you i you use too
much o it? I all else ails, bulk purchases are
perect house meal options — the more people
u ck ,  cp    b p u-g mu.
For a smorgasbord o arm-resh ruits and
 vgg,    D Ev Fm-
ers’ Market, at the intersection o University Placeand Oak Avenue, with big bags and small change.
(Only newbies bring paper or plastic bags, and
most vendors will judge you or it. Te same
pp  c c  g b.) W 51 v, u’ f vg m ugu zucc. F M ug Ju, g  p-
gus, kale, peppers, raspberries, rhubarb, scallions,herbs, radishes, leeks and strawberries. Tese arelikely to be on sale, as opposed to vegetables likely to be around all summer like broccoli, beets, car-
, c, c, b, uc, p, p-c, m  mum.
You’ll also ind pasture-raised poultry,
organic and grassed dairy products, meat and
p   bk m, cug gu puc,   . Kkck 
Farm sports organics at the Downtown EvanstonFarmers’ Market, along with Lake Breeze Organ-
c, bu  C S G Mk,  c  C S  S S,
eatures all-organic produce or the chemical-
pbc mg u.I u’  ug v  Su  Su 
morning to get your green on, Evanston’s only 
midweek armers’ market — Ridgeville Market
— has hipster-approved cofee, bakery items,
u  vgb  W .
Te market is located at the intersection o Ridge
Avu  Su Buv.
Use that Northwestern brain or something
   — g c!
The Daily's 
This annual print issue of The Daily Northwestern is packed with informative articleswritten by NU students and will be
on August 7th.
This is a great opportunity to let them know about YOUR department, organization,activities and job openings.
PLAN AHEAD! Reserve your space now – send your ad later.
Contact the Ad Office for rate info and to reserve your space!Email: spc-compshop@northwestern.edu
Phone: 847-491-7206
Welcome the Class of 2016 to CAMPUS!
B cat zakrzewskI
the daily northwestern
With the beautiul weather we’ve been having,
   b pc  cb    
spring quarter than the lakeill. Whether you’re
there catching some sun with riends or just
looking or a change o scenery rom the library 
during reading week, a picnic with riends or
a special someone certainly beats the dining
When planning a picnic, think simple and
summery. It’s hot out, and no one wants a heavy meal. For most picnics, sandwiches are the ideal
main course. hey are simple to prepare and
   u. Ev  mp pu bu-
ter and jelly sandwich or BL will taste more
cu b  k   u’ ug
to class, but i you want to get more creative,
check out the recipes on the Food Network’s
website or picnic main courses, such as corn
  cbb  p. I  g  b,
toss romaine, corn and watercress. hen addchicken, prosciutto, tomatoes, egg yolks and
whites and avocado. Add Blue Cheese Dressing,
 v      p.
Once you’ve gotten past the main course,
’  bu  ,  u c mk m  g  p. Yu c ck 
to crowd-pleasing classics like a Caesar salad, orgo out o your comort zone and try some o the
ppu  cp, k  E Rpb 
Salad on allrecipes.com. Simply toss mixed saladgreens, resh raspberries, jicama, sliced almondsand raspberry vinagrette in a large bowl. I pasta
,  pcc      m -cu  pp   m m,  m u
style, check out the recipes or 27 dierent pasta
 cmp b B Hm  G.
ry the Greek spinach-pasta salad. Just toss
g pc,  c, v , m,p, c b   u  pc.
Most importantly as you pack your picnic
basket, don’t orget some cool, rereshing drinks.
Ic   m,  u c 
purchase one o the many varieties oered inthe C-stores or make your own, will be more
rereshing than ever ater a long walk to the
k   um .
Strategies on how you can maximize your farmers’ market purchases
spigi pii  h lfll b diig hll blu
In yng/te Di Neen

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