Aside from his business undertakings, Trent Richards volunteers his time to support local and international nonprofit organizations. A tireless supporter of World Vision, Inc., Mr. Richards’ donations sponsored 30 different children over the course of four years. World Vision, Inc. maintains a presence in nearly 100 countries, providing unbiased relief to children in need. A longtime resident of Australia, Mr. Richards also contributes to the Mirabel Foundation, which meets the needs of Australian children with distressed parents. In addition to supporting the organization on a personal level, Trent Richards also sponsored it while serving as the Director of the Insight Group of Companies. Trent Richards founded his wealth-management conglomerate, the Insight Group of Companies, in 2001. He built the company from the ground up, eventually spreading operations onto three continents and employing more than 600 people. Using his in-depth knowledge of real estate and finance, Mr. Richards concentrated the company’s business in these industries. At its peak, the Insight Group did millions of dollars in business on a monthly basis. Recognizing the need to diversify, Mr. Richards developed new enterprises in various markets, from bookkeeping and building inspections to racecar driving and aviation. His V8 race team captured third place in the 2007 Shannons Nationals Commodore Cup National Series and first place in 2008. After successfully establishing the Insight Group, Trent Richards turned his focus to property development and renovation in 2008. Today, he locates most of his projects in the Brisbane area. Throughout his career, Trent Richards completed specialized courses to augment his knowledge of the real estate and financial markets. From a financial perspective, he earned certification in accounting, as well as a Diploma of Financial Planning. His expertise in the real estate industry in Australia is evidenced by his position as a fully licensed real estate agent. see more