Victoria Gray


Victoria Gray makes live work that is located between performance art and sculpture, or, performances that are sculptures and sculptures that are performances. These hybrid performances draw attention to the physicality and materiality of interactions between objects and bodies, underlining them as sculptural experiences. The works utilise simple materials, often comprising of household objects, items of personal clothing, food and domestic building materials to construct a familiar vocabulary of objects and actions, informed by biographical/logical experiences. - Victoria has developed work nationally and internationally, including solo performances at: Sideshow 2010, British Art Show 7 (Nottingham), Siobhan Davies Studios, (London), Chisenhale Studios, (London), ArtEvict, (London), Axis Arts Centre for Contemporary Art (Manchester), O U I Performance, (York) and ]performance s p a c e (London). Victoria has developed work on international residencies including Performing Arts Forum (France) and Es.Terni Festival, (Italy) and in 2011 will be presenting a new work at Grace Exhibition Space, (New York). - Victoria is co-founder of O U I Performance (York) with artist Nathan Walker. O U I Performance, founded in 2010, is a not-for-profit, artist-led organization curating live time-based performance art with a national and international profile. - Victoria holds a permanent post as Lecturer in Performance within the Faculty of Arts, York St John University, York, UK.see more

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