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A Mother’s Love...

Moral codes, maternal instincts, and a young couple’s marriage are put to the test when a boat carrying a dead man, and a very alive baby girl, washes onto the shore of a remote Australian island.

Mallory F., Scribd Editor
Definitive Daredevil...

Matt Murdock's secret identity is exposed, destroying his life on every level, in this classic story arc by renowned creators Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli.

Shaenon G., Scribd Editor
Incredible début...

Tartt's incredible début is many things: a tragedy starring a close-knit group of classics students, a murder mystery in reverse, a dark meditation on aesthetic perfection & ugly reality.

Niree N., Scribd Editor
An Expat's Ennui...

A novel of dispassionate decadence, Hemingway’s roman à clef portrays a sense of ennui that is as relevant today as it was in the Roaring Twenties.

Mallory F., Scribd Editor
A Triumphant Exposé...

With millions of copies sold & a film on the way, reporter Walls’s memoir is a triumphant exposé on the one subject she knows best: her dysfunctional family.

Niree N., Scribd Editor
A Surprising Love...

Michaels’ sensuous love scenes will spark a fire for readers, & her twisted plot about settling a debt will keep that fire blazing to the surprising end.

Mallory F., Scribd Editor
Attainable Happiness...

Funny, moving, thoughtful, and highly relatable, this million-selling memoir details one woman's year-long journey to become happier.

Alex K., Scribd Editor
Suspense in Dystopia...

Suspenseful & fast-paced, this follow-up to the critically-acclaimed Uglies trilogy delves into the dismantling and re-shaping of a dystopian society like no other YA book has.

Ashley M., Scribd Editor
An Urgent Plea...

This urgent plea to the generation that freely shares their photos, feelings & relationship status brings the currency of the future into focus: personal information & social content.

Mallory F., Scribd Editor
A Renowned Series...

An intergalactic hole leads to a topsy-turvy world where an ordinary magician is bestowed with magic powers in this catalyst to the famous fantasy series.

Justin K., Scribd Editor
Iconic & Enduring...

Zinn’s iconic alternate history is an enduring look into the people, rather than the politics, that shaped the current American landscape.

Mallory F., Scribd Editor
Life Is Short…

A compelling portrait of our rushed, desensitized society, this Pulitzer Prize-winning work reaches far beyond its title story of the acclaimed concert violinist ignored in a subway station.

Mallory F., Scribd Editor
A Tour de Force...

With inspired ingenuity, Willard weaves the spiritual, the scientific & the societal together in this tour de force of living with God.

Niree N., Scribd Editor
An innovator’s delight...

Blogger & bestselling author Godin is at his informative best in this early work that serves as the cornerstone of not only his, but many other famed founders entrepreneurial empires.

Alex K., Scribd Editor

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