about Melrose

I really enjoy playing piano, anything with computers, drawing, and reading. I love movies with g... see more see less

The Truman Show- Truman Sleeps
DJ Contacreast - The Sea
Dimrain47- Surface- Duet
Dimrain47- Cloud Control- Duet
ParagonX9- Chaos Fantasy
Dimrain47- Forsaken Neon- Duet
Dimrain47- Twilight Techno
McFly- The Ballad of Paul K
Muse- United States of Eurasia
Modest Mouse- Float On
Sorrow -Speed Grapher
Spirited Away - Inochi No Namae( The Name of Life)
Still Alive- Portal
Black Holes and Revelations- Muse
Thoughts of a Dying Atheist-Muse
The Small Print-Muse
Stockholm Syndrome- Muse
Sing for Absolution-Muse
Ruled by Secrecy-Muse
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