09-How to Protect - Highly Exposed Set-Ups
CLLI - 09 - How to Protect - Highly Exposed Set-Ups from lightning strike
Impact of Lightning Strikes on Hospital Functions Mortelmans 2009)
My Reflections - What Might Jesus Be Saying Today
Surestreamer - MSC Malaysia APICTA 2010 Best of Communications presentation - 100805
Panasonic - Lightning Notice - (Updated on 28 May 09)
Why CLLI is Eco-Friendly & Different
Eco-Friendly Efforts & Realistic Solutions From CAL-LAB
Future Trends - Green & Eco-friendly Superfast Networking
We Are Living In An Increasingly Imperfect-World
PLC is Effective & Eco-Friendly
Compelling Case for Bundling PLC-CLLI With PLC-Adapters
Global Partner-Home-Networking - The Way Forward
Eco-Dream Venture Share Offer
EDN Cover-Story Aug 20 2009 - Cal-Lab's CTO's observations
How to Be Safe From Lightning Dangers
My innovative product (PLC-CLLI) is the best friend for Power-line Communications at Home-networking (HAN)
FREE ADVICE - Making Shower-Enclosure Safe From Lightning
Global Warming & Lightning Safety
Eco-farming Dream-Home For Lonely, Healthy Old Folks!
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