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The central research interest of Saed Dababneh is in the field of nuclear physic... see more see less

Experimental Techniques in Nuclear Astrophysics
Jordan Nuclear Debate
JNRC January 15, 2012
Saed Dababneh
Reactor Physics 1
Pillars of Jordan’s Nuclear Energy Program
Nuclear Physics Intro
Saed Dababneh
ISNE 09 Booklet
Saed Dababneh
BAU Nuclear
Radionuclides in Dissi Water
مفاعلات الطاقة النووية - مبادىء عامة وآفاق مستقبلية.
The (n,g) Cross Section of 135_Cs.
Division of Nuclear Physics, American Physical Society.
The 18_O (alpha, gamma) Rate during Stellar He Burning.
Neutron Capture Cross Section of 139_La
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