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Author of the Sundered Epoch: Generations role-playing game. www.SunderedEpoch.org

Randal Snyder
Wail of the Banshee
Yeti in Springtime 1.0
Wolf Among Sheeple 1.2
Flight of the Medusa 1.4
Beasts of the Known Realms 1.0
SEG 5 Spell Summary Sheet
SEG 5 Character Summary Sheet
Denizens of the Known Realms 2.0
SEG 5 - Intermediate Character Sheet
SEG 5 - Basic Character Sheet
Technology of the Known Universe 3.0
Arms & Armour of the Known Realms v3.0
Aliens of the Known Universe v4.0
d20 Classless Guide v1.1
Pathfinder Character Sheet 1.0
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