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LRNA PR Michigan Water & Rev Pinkney
Stephen Boyle
Lrna Pr Pinkney
DTE Energy/EES Coke PTI 51-08C FactSheet
DTE Electric 521 Filing 2013
DWSD Claim Form - Detroit Flood 2014
Notice Requirements for Flooding Event - Wayne County Michigan
Detroit City Council Agenda 2014-09-16
Peoples Water Board Coalition - Regionalization Statement 09-10-14
Great Lakes Water Authority plan
Public Health & Safety adgenda 9-8-14
Detroit EM Order No 18 Combined
Detroit EM Order No 1 - Restoration of Salary and Benefits of Mayor and City Council
Detroit EM Order No 02 - Approval of the Financial Contribution by Corporate Donors of Ambulances and Police Cruisers
Detroit EM Order No 03 - Authorization for the Detroit Mayor and City Council to conduct the day-to-day business of the City
Detroit EM Order No 04 - Approval of the Contract for Professional Legal Services Between the City of Detroit and Jones Day
Detroit EM Order No 05 - Restrictions on Transfer of Real Property Owned by the City of Detroit
Detroit EM - Order No 06 - Approval of Initial Funding Agreement for the Public Lighting Authority
Detroit EM - Order No 7 - Coordination of Housing and Urban Development Appropriations
Detroit EM - Order No 08 - Joint Investigation by the Inspector General and Auditor General into Possible Waste, Abuse, Fraud, and Corruption Associated with the City's Employee Benefits Programs
Detroit EM - Order No 09 - Order Modifying Orders Nos. 1 and 3
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