The Socio-Cultural Embeddedness of Individuals' Ethical Reasoning in Organizations (Cross-cultural Ethics)
The impact of improved auditor independence on auditnext term market concentration in previous termChina
The Impact of Guanxi on the Ethical Decision-Making Process of Auditors – An Exploratory Study on Chinese CPAs in Hong Kong
Influence of Motivations for Seeking ISO 14001 Certification on Perceptions of EMS Effectiveness in China
How Chinese enterprises live in freedom, competition under the rule of law
Financial Statement Frauds and Auditor Sanctions An Analysis of Enforcement Actions in China
Ethical Issues in the Evolution ofCorporate Governance in China
Enabling Guanxi Management in China A Hierarchical Stakeholder Model of Effective Guanxi
Creating Corporate Accountability Foundational Principles to Make Corporate Citizenship Real
Corporatisation and Corporate Governance in China's Economic Transition
Corporate governance and tunneling Empirical evidence from China
Corporate financenext term and state enterprise reform in previous termChinanext term
Capital markets and legal development The Chinanext term case
Auditing Standards in China—A Comparative Analysis with Relevant International Standards and Guidelines
Auditing of state-owned enterprises in China next term historic development, current practice and emerging issues
An Empirical Study on Corporate Governance and Market Valuation in China
A report on the development of China’s market economy 2005
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