Brief History of Workers' Compensation
Reynolds v Ic of Oklahoma
Midwest City - Del City Schools v. Simpson[1]
Recusal and Disqualification
Bariatric Surgery Case
IME Reports - Writing for Physicians
Tom Leonard
HB2650 Enacted
Bill Summary 2010[1]
Bob Burke Summary of WC Reforms
Major Cause Article for OBAJ
Standard Paragraph for Continuing Medical, Nonopioid
Standard Paragraph for Continuing Medical, Opioids
Dept. of Human Services v. Jackson - PAA
Quick v. Deep Fork Wireless
Ponca Iron & Metal v. Wilkins on 6 month SOL
American Airlines v. Crabb
Three Years After Workers' Comp Reform, 2008
Bartlett Collins v Alvarado
Workers Comp-Undocumented Worker FULL
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