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Karen Kleiss
Meika Dawn Jordan
Karen Kleiss
Don Martin Lawsuit
Karen Kleiss
Bilal Ali
Karen Kleiss
Balvir Sidhu
Karen Kleiss
Bill 10 Amendment
Karen Kleiss
Bill 10 Amendment
Statement by MLA Hughes September 11, 2014 Copy
News Release - Transition Team - 09-07-2014-1
Biographies - Prentice Transition Team-1
International Travel Procedures
Aircraft Cost and Flight Times
Alberta MLA Spouse Travel Policy, 1999
MLA Transportation Order, 1992
Alberta Aircraft Request Form
Alberta Aircraft Policy, 2010
Karen Kleiss
Town Of Gibbons
Organizing the Investigation
Crafting Investigative Narrative
Authenticating Documents
Overcoming Confidentiality Around Children
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