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I'm am a graduate of Western Illinois University (Bachelor of Arts, Instrumental Music Education ... see more see less

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Allison Kipta
Companion Planting
Wood Chipper to Grain Thresher
Village Science Skills Tools Craftsmanship
Vegetable Planting Calendar
Nutrient Availability in Relation to pH
Growing Plants From Seed
Allison Kipta
Companion Planting
Firewood How and What to Buy by Ray Lagoe 2001
Allison Kipta
Kipta & Berge 2006
JISC Effective Use of Social Software in Education 2009
Hargadon - Educational Social Networking
Allison Kipta
Windows Shortcuts
Williams - Free as in Freedom
Wayner - Free for All
Thunder Bird Shortcuts
Theoretical Computer Science Cheat Sheet
The Positive Impact of eLearning
Technologies of Cooperation 2005
Raymond - The Cathedral and the Bazaar
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