Ariel Katz

Access Copyright, Statement of Case, Post-Secondary Educational Institutions Tariff (2011-2013)
Academic Authors and Legal Scholars Amicus Brief in Cambridge Univ. Press v. Becker
Amicus Brief of Authors and Legal Scholars in Cambridge Univ. Press v. Becker et al.
Q&A on Access Copyright_final
Intervener factum Access Copyright and Copibec, CCH case Supreme Court of Canada
UTSU_UTGSU_UTFA - Letter to Governors
Code of Best Practices Arl
Ariel Katz Submission Re Application for Interim Tariff - Part 1 (Full)
CILP Intervenr Factum Nov 21st 2011 SCC 33,888
Ariel Katz
SCC LTI Ruling
Professor Ariel Katz Affidavit Motion for Leave to Intervene Sept 20 Final
CILP Leave to Intervene Supreme Court of Canada Sept 20 2011
AUCC - Appendixes A-E
AUCC Letter to Board
Katz Reply to Access Copyright's Submission Re Trans License
Katz Reply to AC Submission Re Trans License
CRIA Responding Factum-June 13
Katz Respose to AUCC Application Re Transactional Licenses
Submission Re Notice From Nov 15 2010
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