As the former NFL star takes on a new role at Good Morning America, he reflects on his journey to the top, raising four kids and that dramatic exit from Live
“My kids couldn’t care less about what I do,” says Strahan (with, from left, Tanita, Michael Jr. and Isabella). “My kids love spending time with me.”

At a People photo shoot on a rainy day in Houston on Aug. 16, Michael Strahan is finally catching up with his family. “The last time everybody was together was Christmas,” says Strahan, enjoying the rare chance to have his kids Tanita, 24, and Michael Jr., 22; their mom, Wanda; his twins Sophia and Isabella, 11; their mom, Jean; and his own parents, Gene and Louise, all in one place. “I was trying to get all the kids to Europe this summer, but Michael and Tanita decided they were going to summer school,” he says, with a look of disbelief. “So that kinda messed that up!”

Of course, this was the rare summer that the football star turned TV host, 44, actually had some time on his hands. In April ABC announced that Strahan would be moving to Good Morning America as a full-time host in the fall, a decision that Kelly Ripa, his cohost on Live with Kelly and Michael, was not consulted about or told of in advance. The morning after the announcement, Ripa did not go on air; when she ultimately returned the following week, she said that she hoped

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