The Secrets Behind a Satisfied Franchise Staff

Employee retention is a key component to any healthy franchise operation. We spoke to company owners and employment experts who have learned the secrets behind worker longevity and the long-term business success that comes with it.

If you fell asleep in a corner booth at one of the 23 Lion's Choice roast beef restaurants in the St. Louis area for, say, a decade, you might wake up to some familiar faces. While most quick-service restaurants have annual turnover rates of 60 percent or higher, according to the People Report Workforce Index, the average tenure of the associate managers at Lion's Choice is six years. What's more, the average assistant manager has been on duty for 12 years, and the average general manager for a whopping 17. In fact, Lion's Choice has an employee who has been with the family-owned company since it launched in 1967. And a few years ago there was no turnover at all at one of the franchise's 15 company-owned restaurants.

Lion's Choice

is the holy grail of the franchise world--indeed, it's a huge goal for almost every type of business. But keeping employees around, especially in low-skilled jobs, is difficult and can seem like

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