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To Save His Company, This Founder Turned to Congress (and Won!)
In 2009, I knocked over a mug of coffee and destroyed my computer. In 2011, I launched a product to prevent that from ever happening again: the Mighty Mug, a travel mug that clings tight to any surface and is nearly impossible to knock over but seaml
Entrepreneur8 min read
5 Ways A Franchise Can Grow Fast
Strategy #1: Focus on your (faster!) fundamentalsCompany: Scooter’s CoffeeFranchise 500 Placement #460 last year; #225 this yearPeople will reward the company that serves them fastest. That’s the theory at Scooter’s Coffee, at least -- and it’s showi
Entrepreneur6 min read
Can Jon Taffer Fix Franchise Restaurants?
The Bar Rescue star is out to perfect food-service franchising with Taffer's Tavern, a low-cost, high-quality sous-vide concept.