Susan Faludi

Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Susan Faludi has made a career writing insightful books about gender like Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Man. But she was floored when her own father came out as transgender. She

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A New Civility
A FEW YEARS AGO, I WAS RESEARCHING A BLACK women’s social club and mutual-aid society called the United Order of Tents, a group that began during slavery to help enslaved women escape to freedom. It was still operating in the 21st century, providing
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Moneyland Has Lost Its Bearings
FOR WEEKS, I WATCHED THE EVOLVING CORONAVIRUS crisis the way one observes an avalanche: it looks distant until suddenly it is upon you. I was inclined to take advantage and “buy the dips.” Then, something snapped: I started selling. I wanted cash. I
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The Fellowship Of Liberties
ON JAN. 8, 2014, A HOMELESS MAN NAMED ALEXANDER BAXTER MADE a bad decision. A suspect in a burglary, he ran from the police and then compounded his error by entering a home that was not his. He made a mistake, but he did not deserve what came next. A