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Fatima Al-Banawi
After starring in Saudi Arabia’s first romantic comedy, Fatima al-Banawi, 30, learned that the story of a much loved movie character can sometimes overshadow an actor’s own. As a Saudi woman, she also knew what it was like to have her story told for
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Autocrats Grow Bolder
Jamal Khashoggi wanted to get married. The self-exiled Saudi Arabian journalist walked into his country’s consulate in Istanbul on Oct. 2 to obtain the paperwork for his wedding. He has not been seen since. As of Oct. 10, the assumption is that the S
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Rasha Abu-Safieh and Bassma Ali
When Bassma Ali finished college with a degree in computer science, she was eager to find a job in her hometown in the Gaza Strip. But, as with many skilled graduates in the territory of 1.9 million people, her enthusiasm soon turned into frustration