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Brad is Back!
When Brad Pitt made his way backstage after his emotional Oscar acceptance speech on Feb. 9, he first gave presenter Regina King a long, warm hug before letting out an audible but quiet sigh. “Whoooo,” he said to no one in particular, taking a sip of
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Wilson Cruz: ‘My So-Called Life Changed My Life’
then & now! When Wilson Cruz landed his first acting role alongside Claire Danes in the 1994-1995 TV series My So-Called Life he had no idea the impact it would have in his own life and around the world. His character Rickie Vasquez, a Latino teen be
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Prince Harry: ‘I Have No Regrets’
When Prince Harry took the floor to deliver a speech at a private JPMorgan event in Miami’s South Beach on Feb. 6, he got surprisingly personal. Standing before a crowd of investment bankers and celebrities—including J.Lo and A.Rod, who were seated a