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Everything But The Mustache
MAGNUM P.I. CBS. MONDAYS. 9 P.M. AS PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR Thomas Sullivan Magnum, Tom Selleck never really got the credit he deserved for making audiences believe in the world of CBS’s Magnum, P.I. That grin, that wink, that beefy physique, that mu
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Everything On A Stick
FIRST THERE WAS FIRE. Some time later came Turkish kebabs, Greek souvlaki, Japanese yakitori, Indonesian sate, Peruvian anti-cuchos, and every other culture’s version of meat cut into pieces, threaded on a skewer, and charred over flame or dunked in
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Everybody’s Better Half
John C. Reilly says he works best in duos, and he’s in three this fall: Stan & Ollie, Holmes and Watson, and The Sisters Brothers.