‘You Can’t Stop This Country.’

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett spoke with Fortune deputy digital editor Stephen Gandel about the billionaire’s investment in wind power, the pros and cons of free trade, and why the election didn’t dent his optimism (even though he backed Clinton). Here, edited excerpts from their conversation.
Buffett at a farm outside Omaha, a short drive from some of Berkshire’s wind operations.

Why wind?

Iowa is the Saudi Arabia of wind. And it’s enabled us to keep prices very low. It’s also brought in lots of industry to Iowa because the high-tech companies—particularly in the server-farm business, which uses a lot of electricity—they not only like the low price, but they also like the idea of using wind energy.

How did it come about?

Dave Sokol [a former Berkshire executive] and Greg Abel ran it together for a long time, and then Greg is running it the last five years himself. They were part of Berkshire Hathaway’s consolidated tax return, so they could do it on a scale that most stand-alone utilities could

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