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Things Are Not What They Seem: The Week That Was at Global Voices Podcast

This week, we take you to Paraguay, Iran, Qatar and the Caribbean.

The Week That Was podcast takes a look at some of the stories that have recently come out of the Global Voices newsroom. We introduce you to people, places and events from around the world that aren’t getting the media coverage they deserve.

This week, we hear tales from Paraguay, Iran, Qatar and the Caribbean that challenge commonly held perspectives.

Special thanks to Trinidadian actor Michael Cherrie, University of Trinidad and Tobago music student Janelle Xavier and acting students Tenisha Richards-Weekes and Karian Forde for coordinating and voicing the #LifeInLeggings segment. We're also grateful to Global Voices contributor Andrea Arzaba for helping us with the music.

And of course, many thanks to Global Voices Iran editor Mahsa Alimardani, Global Voices Caribbean editor Janine Mendes Franco, and all our authors, translators and editors who helped make this episode possible.

In this episode, we featured Creative Commons licensed music from the Free Music Archive, including Please Listen Carefully by Jahzaar; Co-Creators (Instrumental) by Nick Jaina; Westside Chillers by Little Glass MenBind thy wings by krackatoa; Tiptoe (Instrumental) by YEYEY; and The Bears just for show by krackatoa.

The feature photo is Flickr user Wendy, CC BY-NC 2.0.

Originally published in Global Voices.

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