More than $100,000 in debt? You still might be able to start your business
TIED DOWN The class of 2015 graduated with the highest average student debt ever. For strategies to help your children avoid a similar burden.

MICHAEL MAYLAHN STARTED working on the idea for Stasis, a low-cost system to monitor vital signs, as a University of Southern California undergrad. He and his co-founder, Dinesh Seemakurty, knew their idea could help hospices, nursing homes, and hospitals in the developing world and, potentially, the U.S. But they faced a major obstacle as they incorporated their Los Angeles–based

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Company of the Year Impossible Foods
Where’s the Beef? Derived from genetically modified yeast, the red liquor on the hands of this Impossible technician contains heme, which makes it look like blood, taste like blood, and sizzle like blood on a grill. On January 7, 2019, at the Consu
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Mexican and Korean Fusion: TaKorean’s Recipe for Entrepreneurial Success
Michael Lenard may not have a drop of either Mexican or Korean blood, but a passion for both cuisines courses through his veins. It was this passion that led Lenard to found Washington, D.C.-based TaKorean, his signature Korean taco grill, back in A